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    PAR I has contracts with several hardware vendors in the IT business. With those contracts we have the ability to pass those savings along to your company in straight purchase or lease options. Contact PAR I today for a free quote for your business needs.

    PAR I offers scalable server solutions from many manufacturers. The work horse of any business is your server, from general file and printer server to application servers to server clusters and virtual servers. PAR I’s approach to server solutions is closely tied to our network, storage, security, and business continuity / disaster recovery solutions.

    Our server solutions help you increase the power, performance, and availability of your information systems. And, we guide you through the array of products in the marketplace to design the best solution for the needs of your business. Our server solutions are designed to help you manage, control and monitor the hardware and software that constitutes your server infrastructure. We offer a wide variety of technologies, solutions and services that help organizations across all industries assess, design, integrate and manage data center hardware, software and applications, as well as desktop infrastructures. Our solutions include Microsoft Desktop and Enterprise Solutions, Citrix Application Design and Integration, and others.