• Networking Services

    • Server management
    • Security
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Network Monitoring
    • Network Troubleshooting and Support

    The importance of enterprise networks has steadily increased over the last few years. The imminent and inevitable convergence of voice, video, and data networks has become a major concern for entire IT organizations. In turn, IT managers must strive to keep the IT infrastructure at its peak operational level and ensure that effective performance and capacity planning practices are in place.

    PAR I’s network solutions group helps our customers shift from a reactive mode to proactive control of their IT infrastructure. Whether it’s the successful design and deployment of IP telephony, unified messaging, or customer interaction networks--or finding ways to proactively manage performance and capacity for the applications that use your converged infrastructure--PAR I is uniquely qualified to deliver.

    PAR I’s network convergence solutions allow enterprise business to:

    • Increase customer service by helping users understand multi-channel customer interaction strategies
    • Define a clear roadmap from today’s environment to tomorrow’s converged infrastructure
    • Ensure technology infrastructure aligns with business strategy

    PAR I’s network solutions utilize a methodology which includes assessment, design, validation, planning, implementation, and management. Additionally, PAR I’s network consulting services can be seamlessly integrated with our other infrastructure solution offerings, including business continuity and disaster recovery, security, storage solutions, and server solutions.

    PAR I’s network consulting services were designed by IT network professionals, for IT network professionals. They address our customers’ most-stringent requirements for network convergence solutions and analyzing network performance and capacity. PAR I’s seasoned, expert consultants offer a unique combination of industry and technical experience and use sophisticated services to help IT managers plan, design, deploy, and optimize their IT infrastructure.