• Assessment

    With today's IT organizations being asked to manage larger networks with fewer resources, PAR I assembled a suite of packaged service offerings that can help in proactively looking at your network infrastructure, as well as the team that is currently in place within the organization.

    As network bandwidth is stretched to the limit, performance bottlenecks can become critical impediments. To maintain end-to-end connectivity throughout your organization, network optimization may be neglected. Less-than-ideal network design has a very real impact on business efficiency and productivity, impacting the functions of your entire organization. To better manage these issues, PAR I’s team of network experts offer a complete survey of network performance, fault tolerance, and availability, documenting specific recommendations to optimize the speed and reliability of your network.

    The following list highlights some of the available areas that PAR I offers packaged services:

    • Analysis of current network architecture
    • Application traffic patterns and load analysis
    • Network capacity planning and optimization
    • IP address design and implementation management
    • Network availability strategy and goals
    • Network failure impact analysis
    • Network fault tolerance analysis
    • Identification of vulnerabilities of existing network
    • Configuration management and backup of network devices
    • Network optimization recommendations
    • Network services policy
    • Data link layer configuration analysis
    • Network layer configuration analysis

    A detailed report of business actionable items will be provided at the conclusion of the engagement. After an assessment has been completed, you may wish to choose PAR I to implement the recommended changes to your network infrastructure.